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SLAVES OF LOVE AND BONES – Real fake music

SLAVES OF LOVE AND BONES – Real fake music

“Real Fake Music” Tracklist:
1 Everyday (rearranged from Buddy holly)
2 Answers
3 Show
4 A final solution
5 Inside
6 The endless and beautiful forms
7 This is a paradox

Luca Criscuoli (Vocals),
Claudio La Sala (Guitar & Computer Programming),
Raffaele Caputo (Guitar & Synth),
Riccardo Iannaccone (Drum, Pad & Synth),
Daniele Ventola (Bass & Synth)

Music by Slaves of Love and Bones;
Lyrics by Luca Criscuoli except ‘Everyday’ by ‘Buddy Holly’
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Francesco Tedesco @ IIMRecording Studio (Italy)
Produced by I Make Records & Slaves of Love and Bones
Art work by Giuseppe D’Alessandro
Design by Michelangelo Di Gisi