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weird black – hy brazil

weird black – hy brazil


  1. Moontrees
  2. Day Is A Phobia
  3. And You Are Lost
  4. Nictophobia
  5. All Lies Are True
  6. Winding Days Xibalba
  7. In The Grave Of Lord
  8. Despite The Gloom
  9. A Theory Of Everything
  10. In Town
  11. Hercules The Liger Night Blues
  12. Tangled In This Undecided Summer (Bonus Track)

Label: We Were Never Being Boring Collective/Alliance
Genere: Psychedelic/Folk/Alternative
Anno: 2016
Luca Di Cataldo: Chitarra e voce
Giampaolo Scapigliati: Basso
Matteo Caminoli: Batteria