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TNT – Encore- Live In Milano

TNT – Encore- Live In Milano


  1. Give Me A Sign
  2. As Far As The Eye Can See
  3. She Needs Me
  4. Desperate Night
  5. Invisible Noise
  6. Child’s Play
  7. Ironnic (Ronni Solo)
  8. Forever Shine On
  9. Northern Lights
  10. Tonight I’m falling
  11. Intuition
  12. Seven Seas
  13. Listen To Your Heart
  14. 10,000 Lovers
  15. Everyone’s A Star

Label: Frontiers Records
Genere: Hard Rock
Anno: 2019 
Ronnie Le Tekro: Chitarra e cori
Tony Harnell: Voce
Diesel Dahl: Batteria
Roger Gilton: Tastiere e cori
Ove Husemoen: Basso e cori