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MARCH DIVISION – Post meridian soul

MARCH DIVISION – Post meridian soul

1)    Night fare
2)    Suburban rust
3)    Friday will come
4)    Dig it
5)    Downtown devil
6)    Right on my way
7)    Rust’n’ dust
8)    Hi-volt
9)    Old man Knocking
10) One of ten
11) Morning junk
12) Time won’t wait
13) Sell-by date
14) Water

Andy Vitali (Vocals, guitars, bass, synths,programming & production)
Emanuele Platania (Drums, percussions & drum machines).
Mattia Pissavini (Keyboards, synths & production)
Stefano Lai (Bass, synth bass, programming & production)
Produced, recorded and mixed by Andy Vitali – Arranged by March Division All songs written by Andy Vitali.
Additional production by Emanuela Platania, Mattia Pissavini, Stefano Lai.
Recorded and mixed at Morning Park Lodge between May 12 – Dec 13.
Artwork by Emanuele Platania