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MANIC STREET PREACHERS – Resistance is futile

MANIC STREET PREACHERS – Resistance is futile

1. People Give In
2. International Blue
3. Distant Colours
4. Vivian
5. Dylan & Caitlin
6. Liverpool Revisited
7. Sequels of Forgotten Wars
8. Hold Me Like a Heaven
9. In Eternity
10. Broken Algorithms
11. A Song for the Sadness        
12. The Left Behind”
James Dean Bradfield – lead vocals, lead and acoustic guitar, lyrics, String Arrangement
Nicky Wire – bass guitar, baritone guitar, lyrics, vocals
Sean Moore – drums, soundscapes, machines, sequencers, percussion, Keyboards
The Anchoress – Vocals on ‘Dylan & Caitlin’, backing vocals on ‘Vivian’
Vulcan String Quartet – Strings on ‘People Give In’, ‘Vivian’, ‘Dylan & Caitlin’
Gavin Fitzjohn – Production on ‘Hold Me Like a Heaven’, Additional Production, Keyboards, String Arrangement.
Dave Eringa – Production (all tracks), Keyboards, Engineering, Mix
Nick Nasmyth- Keyboards
Guy Massey – Producer & Engineering on ‘A Song for the Sadness’
Loz Williams – Engineering, Keyboards
Chris Lord-Alge – Mix