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LUCKY BASTARDZ – Alwayz on the Run

LUCKY BASTARDZ – Alwayz on the Run

1. Dawn of the Phoenix 
2. Fuckinsnow 
3. Back on my Feet 
4. Tiger Hostel 
5. The Sign on the Wall 
6. Liar 
7. New Era 
8. e-Drugs 
9. Wolf’s Lair 
10. The Powder 
11. Just got paid 
12. Circles of the Shore (Lamia)

Running Time: 59’19”
Artwork by Gustavo Sazes
Drums recorded by Federico Pennazzato and Tommy Talamanca, Nadir Music Studios (Genova – ITALY)
Bass and Guitars recorded by Federico Pennazzato, Authoma Studios (Alessandria – ITALY)
Vocals recorded by Michele Luppi, MiLu’s Rock Lab II (Fabbrico – ITALY)
Mixed by Tancredi Barbuscia, Green River Studios (Varese – ITALY)
Mastered by Alberto Cutolo, Massive Arts Studios (Milano – ITALY)

Titian – Voice
Paco – Guitars
Mr.TNT – Bass guitar
Mark – Drums

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