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FM – Indiscreet 30

FM – Indiscreet 30


  1. That Girl
  2. Other Side Of Midnight
  3. Live Lies Dying
  4. I Belong To The Night
  5. American Girls
  6. Hotwired
  7. Face To Face
  8. Frozen Heart
  9. Heart Of The Matter
  10. Let Love Be The Leader (Bonus Track)
  11. Running On Empty (Bonus Track)
  12. Rainbow’s End (Bonus Track)
  13. Shot In The Dark (Bonus Track)
  14. Bad That’s Good In You (Bonus Track)
  15. Love & Hate (Bonus Track)
  16. That Girl (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track

Label: Frontiers Records
Genere: AOR/Hard Rock
Anno: 2016
Steve Overland: Voce e chitarra ritmica
Mery Goldsworthy: Basso e cori
Pete Jupp: Batteria e cori
Jem Davis: Tastiere
Jim Kirkpatrick: Chitarra e cori