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FM – Atomic Generation

FM – Atomic Generation


  1. Black Magic
  2. Too Much Of A Good Thing
  3. Killed By Love
  4. In It For The Money
  5. Golden Days
  6. Playing Tricks On Me
  7. Make The Best Of What You Got
  8. Follow Your Heart
  9. Do You Love Me Enough
  10. Stronger
  11. Love Is The Law

Label: Frontiers Records
Genere: Hard Rock/AOR
Anno: 2018
Steve Overland: Voce e chitarra
Merv Goldsworthy; Basso
Pete Jupp: Batteria
Jem Davis:Tastiere
Jim Kirkpatrick – Chitarra
Special Guests:
Scott Ralph: Fiati in “Playing Tricks On Me”
Chris Cliff:  Violoncello in “Follow Your Heart”