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ELYSIUM – Labyrinth of fallen angels | Recensione

ELYSIUM – Labyrinth of fallen angels | Recensione

Black Hole
Before the End
Turn around
Fight for all Your Love
Close to You
Higher State
Nobody Knows
Here I Am
Vocal arrangements: D. Nisi
Recorded at: K-lab K20 Studio (Viterbo) Bonsai Studio (Terni)
​Woodstock Recording Studio (Livorno)

Mix & Master: Roberto Mascia, Officina Musicale (Roma)
Sound Engeenering: R. Mascia R. Stopponi A. Ramacciotti
Photos: Fabrizio Sansoni Marco Pilia
Graphics: Lorenzo Ceccarelli Giorgio Carotenuto
Music: D.Nisi M.Monetini C.Arlechino F.Lovisa S.Moratto *except “Siren”,
“Evanescent”, “Turn around” and “Black hole”

written by Elysium and F. Proietti
Words: D.Nisi *exept “Close to you”, written by D.Nisi and M.Monetini
Composing, arranging and digital programming of orchestral parts:
M.Sinopoli M.Monetini

Musical arrangements: Elysium
Daphne Nisi – Vox, background vocals
Marco Monetini – Bass
Christian Arlechino – Violin
Flavio Lovisa – Drums
Simone Moratto- Guitar
Marco Sinopoli – Keys & Orchestra
Special Guests: Roberto Mascia of “Mamma” – scream vocals on
“Siren” and Vahimiti – background vocals on “Fight for alla

your love” and “Turn around”
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