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ANNOT RHUL – Leviathan

ANNOT RHUL – Leviathan

01.  Leviathan Suite
I – The Traveller, Part I
II – The Sailors, Part I
III – In Limbo At 5000Fathoms
IV – Maybe They Sailed Out Too Far?
V – Between Scylla And Charybdis
VI – The Sailors, Part II
VII – Interstellar Foe
02.  The Colour Out Of Space
03.  Surya
04.  Distant Star
05.  The Mountains Of Madness
06.  R’Lyeh
I – The Elder Ones
II – 47° 9 S 126° 43 W
III – Every Man For Himself
IV – In The Wake Of Cthulhu
V – The Traveller, Part II

Etichetta: Black Widow Records
Genere: Progressive Rock
Anno: 2015

Sigurd Lühr Tonna: Chitarra, tastiere e strumenti vari
Halvor William Sanden: Batteria
Lars (Seid): Piano, Synth e Mellotron
Lars Fredrik Frøslie (Wobbler): Mellotron
Burt Rocket (Seid): Voce, Basso e Synth
Erlend Naalsund (Asagio): Chitarra
Jørgen Kosmos (Seid): Voce
Svei Arne Skarvik (Love Revolt): Lapsteel
Ingrid Velle (Love Revolt): Voce
Allessandro Eide (Manifest): Percussioni


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