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BRAIDS – pubblica il video di “Snow Angel”

BRAIDS – pubblica il video di “Snow Angel”


BRAIDS il trio indie di Montreal pubblica oggi il singolo “Snow Angel”

Guarda il video lanciato in anteprima da THE FADER

Il disco SHADOW OFFERING posticipato al 19 giugno 2020 via Secret City Records

A causa della tremenda pandemia che sta colpendo tutto il mondo in questi giorni, il trio indie di Montreal BRAIDS comunica oggi di aver posticipato la data di uscita dell’album SHADOW OFFERING al 19 giugno 2020.

Il disco, che uscirà via Secret City Records e che è stato prodotto da Chris Walla dei Death Cab For Cutie, mostra il lato più intimo del gruppo, mettendo in evidenza un nuovo senso di sicurezza attraverso canzoni che raggiungono senza dubbio un livello più alto.

Oggi, 26 marzo, i BRAIDS pubblicano il nuovo singolo “Snow Angel” una traccia davvero potente, quasi viscerale, che mette in risalto le doti canore di Raphaelle Standell-Preston che ci canta di ansie, frustrazioni  e incertezze verso il mondo esterno, parole che oggi più che mai riflettono lo stato d’animo di molti, purtroppo.

Guarda il video di Snow Angel, ospitato in anteprima da THE FADER

“Producer Chris Walla (Death Cab For Cutie) lets the band breathe throughout the epic track, letting the energy ebb and flow as Raphaelle Standell-Preston switches her vocals between singing and spoken-word. The whole thing builds to a frantic final third in which the chaos and confusion is palpable.” – The Fader

“Snow Angel was written in the immediate wake of the 2016 US election, as our collective conscience took a sharp inhale. It’s a diary entry of sorts – a snapshot of the mind grappling with our era’s endless barrage of content and destruction, continents away and close to home.” – affermano i BRAIDS*This* moment, with our world in the midst of a pandemic, is admittedly a new context. But I can’t help but sense the song speaks to feelings many of us are experiencing – uncertainty, angst and a desperate desire to make sense of it all.
For me, it was deeply therapeutic to write and sing this song; saying things out loud can help us to not feel so alone, can help validate our natural fears about the future of our world, and can bring to light some of the hard questions that many of us are asking ourselves. I believe that art can change our relationship to fear. We hope this song can offer you a moment of catharsis and relief, in the same way writing and performing it has for us.” 

L’album, seducente e di ampio respiro, è stato anticipato dal singolo “Young Buck” accolto con grande entusiasmo da Pitchfork, The New York Times, The FADER, MTV, Stereogum e Consequence of Sound che lo ha definito “a bouncy good time; in the tug-of-war between mind and matter, these pulsing synths are clearly on the side of the body.”
Guarda il video di “Young Buck

Precedentemente, in autunno, il trio aveva pubblicato la traccia “Eclipse (Ashley)” che aveva incontrato l’elogio del The New York Times che aveva scritto “Raphaelle Standell-Preston sings with openhearted earnestness“, mentre Stereogum l’aveva definita “one of the best Braids songs ever, a power ballad built from cascading pianos, off-kilter rhythms, and a rising surge of atmospheric strings.”.
Guarda il video di “Eclipse (Ashley)
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Braids is comprised of Raphaelle Standell-Preston, Austin Tufts, and Taylor Smith. Formed in 2007 in Alberta, they have solidified a decade-long reputation for their musical ingenuity and established themselves as one of Canada’s most acclaimed art rock bands, garnering two Polaris Prize shortlists and winning the 2016 Juno Award for Alternative Album of the Year. With Standell-Preston’s vocals as the pillar of their sound, Braids weave organic and electronic elements together amidst a lyrical landscape that is intimate, explosive, and emotionally-immersive. Their albums have earned praise from Pitchfork, NPR, New York Times, T Magazine, NME, and The Guardian among many others. They have supported or toured with artists such as Toro Y Moi, The Antlers, Wye Oak, Purity Ring, and Friendly Fires along with festival appearances around the world including Glastonbury, Primavera, Osheaga, Hopscotch, and SXSW.