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NEW YORK SKA JAZZ ENSEMBLE – Intervista al frontman e sax Fred “Rocksteady” Reiter sulla lor …

NEW YORK SKA JAZZ ENSEMBLE – Intervista al frontman e sax Fred “Rocksteady” Reiter sulla lor …


You have a varied sound made up of many genres, how did the idea of joining this Ensemble come about?
In 1993, I was on tour with my band at the Time the Toasters-The tour was called Skavoovie. We were touring the USA + Canada alongside the Skatalites,the Special Beat + Selector. Each night ,the Skatalites would rock the house. Rick Faulkner + I(the co founders of the New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble) were inspired by these older Jamaiccan jazzmen playing predominantly instrumental music. We wanted to create our own version. I loved the Jamaican style but I was a NY kid with a lot of energy-I was steeped in modern jazz harmony but I wanted to rock! The NYSJE is a Ska-Jazz band with a rock n Roll mentality. Both the ska + the jazz lend themselves to improvisation. Also, I like when the crowds are dancing. The combo of these genres + the energy it inspires led to the beginning of the Ska-Jazz genre.
From ska to jazz, from rocksteady to reggae to dance, which is the predominant genre in your music?
The rhythm section(bass,drums,keys + guitar) lay down a reggae +/or ska rhythm and the soloists put the jazz, rock, soul,blues,pop + everything else on top.
How do you choose the songs to be presented to the public in your version?
Whatever songs move me and inspire me. The song must  touch my soul + heart in some way. I like melodies that are singable + therefore memorable. I want to play music that is of a high caliber but also relatable to the public. Therefore, songs that you can both listen +/or dance to. Esoteric jazz is not my passion.
What are the groups that characterized your first ratings?
Toots & The Maytals, John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins,The Ethiopians, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Led Zeppelin, Doobie Brothers,  Steely Dan.
And the groups you love to listen to at the moment?
ColdPlay, Jimmy Cliff, Cannoball Adderly, Amy Winehouse.
You are about to arrive in Italy, country where you often come, what do you like best?
The pasta, the beautiful women but mostly the Italian way of life. You guys seem to enjoy life more than Americans-your love of food, music + always a friendly inviting spirit here in Italy.
Italians love your live shows, what can you promise for the next Christmas tour? Three good reasons to invite the audience to your concerts?
Big Fun-a great night out-dancing-music played by musicians who have dedicated their lives to playing music of the highest order….. but mostly just a good party.

Three good reasons to invite the audience to your concerts?
New music never played before, dancing, Many of our fans tell me they have great sex after our shows so I guess NYSJE is an aphrodisiac!!!!!! Therefore, come to an NYSJE show + you will have better sex!!!!


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