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LISSIE – Intervista sul nuovo album “When I’m Alone: The Piano Retrospec …

LISSIE – Intervista sul nuovo album “When I’m Alone: The Piano Retrospec …

Hi Lissie, thanks for the time you spend with us, this is the second time I interview you and this time about a different album. Your new album, so delicate and intimate, it’s so beautiful, but should we consider a moment of tiredness and therefore a recollection to start again, or of vitality to open a new window in your musical world?
Thanks for the opportunity!  I made this piano vocal collection as a supplement to my existing catalogue ,, as a way to clear space for my voice, reflect on my songs and pull out new emotions with what i feel are beautiful piano arrangements.  It is a nice way to continue to share with my fans and set me up for different and fresh ways of touring.  I guess it does feel like a reset as well for whatever I’ll create next!
You recorded in Nashville, but this didn’t affect your genre, there are no folk or country influences, what was the choice to go to the studio in Nashville?
I actually recorded “When i’m alone; the piano retrospective” primarily in Berlin.  I have written and recorded a fair amount in Nashville over the years though!  Nashville is so much more than country.  My first album “Catching a tiger” was made in Nashville 🙂
Of your great collaborations with great artists such as Robbie Williams and Eddie Vedder what can you tell us? Any anecdotes?
I was fortunate to duet w/ Robbie Williams.  I never worked w/ Eddie Vedder though!  haha we were both featured in the Twin Peaks Return but I have never met or worked with him.  Robbie was so funny, easy going and kind.  I was really impressed with his voice and warmth. 
How did the choice of two Fleetwood Mac and Dixie Chicks cover come about?
I’ve always loved Fleetwood Mac and the Dixie Chicks.  Stevie Nicks and Natalie Maines both have such special voices.  They’re songs I’d always sang and thought it would be nice to capture that while I was able to be in the studio with just a microphone and piano!
Your wonderful voice touches the strings of the soul, how do you feel when you sit at the piano and what would you like to convey to the listeners?
thank you!  i’m just singing, not playing the piano.  the piano on this album was done by Martin Craft and Jo Dudderidge.  But what i felt from their arrangements were deeper, more tender emotions being pulled out of these songs that I’ve performed for years!  this album is meant to be gently taken in, the dynamics are subtle and the tone of my voice and words to hopefully be absorbed in a way that those who know, might have missed before.  it’s a matter of more and different.  of addition. 
I hope to see you at a date in Bologna sooner or later, what is your relationship with Italy?
i would love that!  i haven’t spent a lot of time in italy.  i had a nice vacation in Venice in 2003 and that was magical!  i played in Milan once as well.  i am touring w/ italian artist Jack Savoretti in the spring so hopefully i can ask him for some itlaian tips 🙂


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