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Interview to Mr Doug Aldrich – The Dead daisies – by Elena Arzani

Interview to Mr Doug Aldrich – The Dead daisies – by Elena Arzani

London, 19th November 2018

Interview to Mr Doug Aldrich by Elena Arzani

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Doug Aldrich in London, during The Dead Daisies Winter Tour across UK. While the band is still touring around Europe, and will be landing soon to Italy, Doug and I had a nice conversation about music, the new Dead Daisies’ album “Burn it down”, and much more.

Since you’ve joined The Dead Daisies at the beginning of 2016, you’ve worked with the band on 3 different albums: Make some noise, recorded in studio,  Live and Louder,  a live recording, and Burn it down, a studio album, that was released earlier this year. How was to be working on Burn it down, compared to the previous Make some noise, after almost 3 years with the band? 
DA –  It was great… very smooth songwriting sections in New York. Then we transferred in Nashville to record….Same studio as Make Some Noise so it was very familiar. Also we had Deeno join us so that was really cool! There are always things that you would want to do over on a record, but all in all Burn It Down is pretty cool. I really like Judgement Day 🙂

Les paul Gibson Gold Top… if I am not wrong, this is your favorite guitar. What kind of set up do you use for it? What other type of equipments do you use for live shows? 
DA – Yes, I do have a very soft spot in my heart for that guitar…. probably because when I was a kid that was my first good guitar the Goldtop. I have 5 gold tops and the one on the road is #3… it has been refretted by Bruce Nelson in California. I put in my signature pickups in that Suhr Guitar makes. TonePros parts and that’s it. I love it. I have a Darkburst LP and a Scala Underdog prototype with me on this tour. I have a few pedals and my old Marshall JMP 100 watt amp that I bought in LA in 1981!

You’ve collaborated throughout your career with a great number of legendary artists and bands, among which Whitesnake, Dio, Lion, Hurricane, House of Lords, Bad Moon Rising, Glenn Hughes, Revolution Saints and you’re the current lead guitarist for The Dead Daisies. What has been the impact of those collaborations on your work, and eventually how have them influenced your sound?
DA – I’m always learning anytime I collaborate with another musician. Try to see how different people work on techniques and songwriting. I’ve been very lucky in my career. I spent so much time writing with David Coverdale and I learned a lot about how he thinks in terms of sings. Dio was a masterful performer and I loved how he was fearless and would own any stage he performed on.

Is there a particular moment, an anecdote, you wish to recall for our reader?
DA – It’s all about trying to be true to yourself with your music. I mean we all have times when you need to compromise and adapt a little bit but try to find a way to put your heart into everything you play on. Every gig is important and every song is a moment in time that lasts forever. Ya never know when it could be the last song or the last gig…

With such a huge, and important discography in your personal catalogue, I wonder what are the songs or albums, that you’re mostly proud of, and particularly enjoyed working on?
DA – It’s hard for me to think about it too much… like I said I would always hear improvements I could have made, but you also gotta let go and move forwards. I’m proud of the song Forevermore that I write with Coverdale. Last song we write together.

I know that Brian Tichy and you, are also great fans of Led Zeppelin, and played some of their songs together with the Moby Dicks…
DA – Brian is a seriously talented musician and I love playing music with him. We had a lot of good times in the studio and on stages. Glad he’s in my life.

What do you think of the current music scene?
DA – it’s interesting cause it has changed so much. Technology and the internet changed everything and it’s really cool. It’s a bit more complicated to make a living for new bands, but there are some great new bands coming out. Jared James Nichols, Wayland, Underground Thieves with Nick Perri. The New Roses are great.

How is the life of a rock star like you, from the perspective of time devoted to the practice of the instrument, the working sessions, and touring the world?
DA – I have no idea:) I’m just a guy that loves guitar.. I am blessed to travel and play in amazing counties.. I know that… but I always miss home too.

Are you aware of the fact, that by googling your name on the internet, one comes across almost 2.670.000 links of reference with articles related to you? And yet, you give the nicest welcome, and have the kindest attitude towards all of your fans, spending much time with your public. It seems as if fame never truly had an effect on you, nor it has succeeded in changing you. How have you managed throughout your outstanding career, all the success, and growing popularity to “Resist”, and – like Roger Waters would say – “Stay Human”?
DA – thank you… I just need to keep things simple and not get to caught up in these things. I like Roger Waters!!

What was the very first song, that you learnt to play on the guitar, and how old where you at the time?
DA – Smoke In The Water, 11 years old.

Live concerts, and Clinics. Playing on stage, and shaping new young musicians, what’s more challenging between the two for you nowadays?
DA – it’s all good and it’s great to mix it up. I love playing live but I love the process in the studio too. Clinics are fun and I do like trying to help players realize that they have a ton of potential if they put there heart in it.

What’s your favorite guitarist of all time?
DA – so hard to pick… that’s hard.. can’t pick one.

What are your plans for the future?
DA – I’m still on tour promoting Dead Daisies but after this I’ll take time off for the holidays. Jan there are some jams for the Namm show that I’m doing. I’ll be working on some new music for Daisies… In March 2019 Burning Rain will release a new record called FACE THE MUSIC. I’m gonna do some promo for that in Europe and some clinics in April.

– Elena Arzani

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