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DIRE STRAITS LEGACY – Intervista al chitarrista Phil Palmer

DIRE STRAITS LEGACY – Intervista al chitarrista Phil Palmer

It is a great pleasure to be able to interview her, as a nephew of the great Kinks he has always had the music around, he has never played You really got me?
I went to the USA with the Kinks in 1972 as guitar tech but in fact did play “You really got me” on stage with them in New York.
How did you start with an instrument like the ukulele.
As a 5 year old my hands were too small for a guitar… it was a good way to learn the basics .. lovely instrument a ukulele!
Which guitar do you use instead? Is he always a fan of Fender?
Yes, Fender was always my first choice… I was given a Lovely old Telecaster by my uncle Dave Davies in 1972 which I still use. The Stratocaster is now my main guitar supplied by Fender when I worked with Clapton.
You have played many genres, from songwriters with Battisti to rock with Bennato, but also Zappa, Clapton, Dylan, which one do you prefer and which one you find most at ease?
As a session player, I became good at interpreting all kinds of music so now I’m at ease with all kinds of music.
Of all these great artists with whom he has collaborated, do you have any particular memory or anecdote to tell?
My musical journey has been diverse and fascinating… you’ll have to read my book to get all the inside stories… it’s in the final stages of completion and will be called “Session man”.
I bought On Every Street just released, how did it happen to be in Dire Straits?
Dire straits followed my collaboration with Clapton and the first time I met Mark was at the Knebworth concert in 1990, when we played a couple of the DS tunes with Mark and John… I guess we hit it off!
What experience is working as a film composer? Different from the recording studio?
I enjoy playing to picture… the image inspires the musician… and sometimes music inspires the image makers… the two things are closely connected. For me it’s all about the emotions generated by the medium.
From Dire Straits to Dire Straits Legacy, apart from the obvious absence of Mark Knopfler, what are the differences and points in common between the two projects?
DS Legacy started life as a celebration of the music and songs of Knopfler… a true musical genius, the fact that he moved on from playing DS songs left a hole… people still love to feel the emotion of his pieces and we brought it back… Legacy has since diversified and we have produced our own album called “3 chord trick” which we like to think , is where DS would have sounded like if it had continued.
Do you use new arrangements and interpretations for the Dire Straits tracks?
Our arrangements of DS songs are as close as possible, the same as they were when Mark broke up the band in 1992… the Legacy band is, with the inclusion of Ferrone on drums and Trevor Horn on bass, spectacular.
What music do you like to listen to at the moment? Did you listen to something special to report?
I’ve always been a massive Steely Dan fan, so I still listen to that genre of music. But more and more I have become very interested in classical orchestral music, having had the pleasure of being part of various symphonic projects and learning how to integrate into the glorious ensemble effect of a full orchestra.
But the tour with the 500 in Sicily how was it? Did you buy one?
I love Sicily… the people the country, the sun… the cinque cento was a great way to get around small country roads and villages… don’t think I would try it on an autostrada though x.


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