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AWOLNATION – Intervista al frontman Aaron Bruno

AWOLNATION – Intervista al frontman Aaron Bruno

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Hi Aaron, and welcome among the pages of tuttorock.net. It’s a pleasure for me to write this interview. 

The pleasure is all mine. 

First AWOLNATION album, Megalithic Symphony has been a great success. Four years have passed before Run came out. Why this long waiting? 

Megalithic Symphony had such a long life that it was impossible to stop it. Plus, that gave me plenty of time to perfect RUN. 

Has it been different to create an album that people were actually waiting? Did you feel more pressure? 

Absolutely. It was an exciting added pressure. It also gave me the courage to have a song like RUN open the record. I have gained the trust of many ears, so I could do what I really wanted to do. 

People know you reached success with Megalithic Symphony due to Red Bull Records let you free of writing the music you really wanted. Has it been the same with Run? Or the label made more pressure on you because of the commercial achievement of the previous album? 

It was the same, if not, even better. I made the record on my own, away from any other humans, other than my loved ones. The label did not hear a note until it was finished. 

The musical style has evolved a lot since Megalithic to Run. Most of the new songs are softer and more essential. What would you express with this sound? 

RUN is a much heavier and more powerful record. It just happens to have more space and breathing room. I wanted to take you on a memorable journey through my mind. 

Your new music seems to be also darker, even on the lyrics (“I am a human being capable of doing terrible things” just to do an example). From where this “darkness” comes? 

Its all around us at all times. Its a necessary opposition to light. There are both throughout the record. 

Nowdays, an important side of music is multimedia. In the videoclips of Hollow Moon and I Am, and even in the lyric video of Windows, I saw a big difference of style in comparison with the ones came out for the songs of Megalithic Symphony. The main feature in evidence in all the three videos are people. What is the idea behind this recurrent aspect? Have the videos a particular meaning? 

I wanted to make videos that were more human and relatable to everyone. AWOLNATION is for all different people. 

My favorite track of the record is probably Windows. Can you tell us something more about this song? 

Thank you very much. It may be my favorite as well. I can tell you that I had to change the verse lyrics because some people were offended by what I was saying. Actually, they were really scared. Some people are just too sensitive. 

I know that, for the artist, each song is like a son. But there is any track on Run that you prefer? Which are the more addictive ones for you? And why? 

‘RUN” is the coolest and heaviest song I’ve ever created. “Jailbreak” is enormous. Like People, Like Plastic is beautiful. Its hard to say. “Drinking Lightning” may be my favorite at the moment. 

AWOLNATION is a pretty active band in live shows and you’re about to start your new European tour after being here at the beginning of the year. Did you feel differences in European gigs than in the ones in the USA? 

Europeans have always been amazing at celebrating music ! Europeans tend to sing along to all the music, and not just the lyrics. Thats a huge difference. Y’all bring the soccer anthem’s to our shows. 

And what about your music? Do you feel AWOLNATION is valued in Europe as much as in America? 

Yes I do. 

On this European tour you will touch Italy after the only concert you played here in 2013. Do you remember something particular about Italy? What did impress you of Italian fans? 

I remember the fans up front trying to rip my clothes off. 

What will you do after the end of the tour? 

We will stay on the RUN 

Run has just came out, so obviously it’s a bit early for this question. But do you think that will pass other four years before people can hear new AWOLNATION music? 


We are done. Thank you for your time. 

Thank you for reading 


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