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ALEX COLE – Intervista al cantante e chitarrista di Retro-Rock

ALEX COLE – Intervista al cantante e chitarrista di Retro-Rock


Where did you get the idea to come to America?                      
My music comes from Rock’n’Roll, which originated in America. I write Retro Rock music, which combines Blues with Rock to recreate the classic sound of the seventies and the eighties. Since Rock’n’Rroll originated in the United States it was important to me to come here to work with the best of the best in this music genre.
How was your passion for music born?                               
When I was younger I wasnt a good music student and that’s because the music I was learning didnt interest me. Then I saw the Blues Brothersmovie and I heard for the first time a powerful soul sound. I couldnt get that music out of my head. I realized that music is more than just the notes that you play, its the feeling, spirit and rhythm. From that point on I understood that its about the feeling you can give to someone with rhythm and groove, and then I wanted to learn everything I could about music.
Where does your music inspiration come from?   
While most of my shows are original music, I perform three to four covers in my shows and those are dedicated to those musicians who have inspired me to write and perform my style of music. Lately, Ive been opening my shows with a few measures of George Thorogoods Bo Diddley Who Do You Love,” because playing that song, and being reminded of him, grounds me in the Rock Blues feeling that I grew up with. I dont do covers just to have the audience enjoy some classic rock hits. I perform covers because when I play Ted Nugent, Free For All,” I can feel his energy coming through me. I play an AC/DC song, Its a Long Way to the Top” because the words are true. It is a very long way to the top. And AC/DC was the first band who inspired me to write Retro Rock and give a sense to my stories. Bon Scott and Brian Johnson are not just singing, but telling stories in their music and everybody remembers their songs. Thats also what inspires my vocal quality. Im not trying to sing perfectly, I’m singing full-out, with all my soul. Sometimes I find myself moving like James Brown. He cared most about the groove, and I feel the same way. My body gets locked into the rhythm and the spirit of the music takes over.
What is your process in creating music?                    
The rhythm introduces me to the sensation of the song I want to create.
Sometimes I‘m working with a song and suddenly I come up with a new idea, which leads me to open a new project on the computer. Sometimes a song comes up when i play around with my guitar and the riff comes first, sometimes I sing the chorus followed by a chords progression.
What is the difference  in the music scene between Italy and America?                    
I’ve been living in the United States for 4 years now. Im really not sure what the Italian music scene is right now. When I was there people liked my music, but most of the clubs in Italy were small. A lot of DJ sets and metal concerts were taking over. Here people like to come out and and hear live music and they are a great audience. I would love to come back and tour through Europe. Maybe Ill get an offer from a booking agent or promoter one day. It will be fun.
What do you think about the involvement in music with internet. Everyone can download musi, everyone can upload a video on youtube…What are your thoughts?                     
I like the fact that I can reach people and new fans from all around the world. All you have to do is find me on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook Twitter, to see videos of me performing in some of the most famous clubs between Hollywood and Las Vegas. They can go to my website and learn more about me, to interact with me on social media. It’s a great way for people to get to know me. The bad part is you cant make any money cause people want to get your music for free. People dont want to spend 0.99 cents to buy a single. They dont want to pay for music. Artists have to pay the studio to record our music. It’s expensive. Thats why now, when you go to a concert, the tickets are so expensive and a t-shirt cost $45 or more. Bands have to get their money somehow. Its hard when you are not a name band.
What are the differences between a live show in Italy and America?                       
Playing in the Hollywood clubs, such as Whisky o Go Go or Viper Room, is awesome, but it’s also a bit of a challenge. There is a contract and technical rules to be respected. For a thirty/forty minute set you have to show up an hour before your concert and have all the equipment ready to go before going on stage. I find it to be a strict, but necessary because in one evening there will be two or three bands. Theres not very much time between sets because the crowd will get bored and leave the club. There are both stage and off stage engineers that help us with the sound. Now I have a roadie who does the soundcheck for me. In this way I can be relaxed and think about my performance.
Any differences in setting up and promoting a concert?                              
Well, the clubs I play in Los Angeles and Las Vegas are famous. People are gonna be there because they are tourists. These are the places where you can come and hear great music. Social media is also very important and how I let my fans know where they can see me at my next show. Im sure now in Italy people use social media. We always have a community of people who come and see our shows to support and have a good time.
Do you have any suggestions for those who want to travel to Americaand pursue music career like you?                   
Well, if they are like me, it wouldnt matter what anyone recommended because when its your passion, and the music is in your blood, you want to follow your dream to make music – you are gonna do it no matter what.
Have your music tastes changed since you started being involved in music professionally?                        
Not really, Ive always liked to listen to the music like AC/DC, Ted Nugent, ZZ Top, Airbourne, Deep Purple, Hardbone, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Blackfoot, Molly Hatchet, George Thorogood, Whitesnake. Thats really why my music sounds like it does. I love Blues and Rock’n’Roll and I want to keep the torch burning. It’s the music that is present in many movies. Its the soundtrack of our lives. That’s the music I write.
Who is taking care of your image?                           
My manager. From my wardrobe to my website, to my social media, she wants everyone to understand immediately who I am and what I do. I’m the Retro Rock handsome and sexy musician, who writes music that reminds of the classic bands from the seventies. A story teller. A guitar player who plays from the heart and moves people with an interactive performance. Im very concerned with my look. I work hard to present a good image of myself by eating healthy. I jump rope 3 days a week, combined with a High Intensity Interval Training workout and body strength program using bars, parallettes and rings. Thats why my shows can have such high energy, My workouts and diet give me great Stamina and Dopamine!
How do you see the new generation who wants everything immediately?                    
Well, I think I am the new generation. I do want everything immediately. I love when I get an idea in my head and I can immediately record it on my phone. Then I go into my home studio and work out my idea on the computer. I can see my creation coming to life way before going into a recording studio. I love the people can come to my show and live stream it. People can see and hear what I do.  No tricks. And if you can’t make it out to see the show you can watch it at home and see immediate feedback of people’s thoughts.
What are your next projects?   
I’m working to get into the studio to record my new album. The problem is I keep writing more songs and I have to choose only 8 or 10 to record. Recently I enjoyed working with a great composer as lyric supervisor for an upcoming project. I cant actually talk about because its top secret and new and exciting. In June Ill be at the Viper Room in Hollywood and Vampd in Las Vegas. I’ll be join the Make Music Dayin Los Angeles, a world wide event celebrating music held on the same day in more than 750 cities in 120 countries around the world. July will be my fourth year performing at the “Lotus Festival” in Echo Park, Los Angeles. I would like to thank  TuttoRock for this interview. It means a lot to me to be able to reach out to people in my native country, Italy. Thank you everyone for reading this. If you’d like to know more about me, go to my website And thank you Monica for taking the time to speak with me. It’s been my pleasure.
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