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Kamelot | Gus G | Firewind | Cobra & the Lotus – lIVE @ Live Club (Trezzo sull’Adda MI 8-10-2 …

Kamelot | Gus G | Firewind | Cobra & the Lotus – lIVE @ Live Club (Trezzo sull’Adda MI 8-10-2 …

Last night Kamelot hit the stage of Live Club Trezzo, to deliver a great show as part of the European tour of their new album release HAVEN, after a hugely successful tournèe in North American earlier this year.
Special guests of the evening Gus G. and Kobra And The Lotus. 
Metal riffs, and power crushing in what Thomas Youngblood has defined a “one-killer package”, that has seen the italian audience screaming out, and participating in the whole show.
Kamelot and Gus G are not new to collaborations, they’d also played a one-off show last year in London, that has seen the two band jamming on stage together. Moreover, Italy has been glad to host Ozzy Osbourne’s guitar-hero Gus G, and his band Firewind, for the third time this year, particularly enjoying the new album released “Brand new revolution”, after the huge success of the previous European tour “We are the fire”.
The three bands has brought to the stage a fine selection of metal power, distinguing themselves for uncommon elegance of execution, and originality. 

​Elena Arzani

I Kamelot sono approdati al Live Club di Trezzo, come unica data italiana del tour europeo dell’ultimo album “Haven”, che ha raccolto enorme successo all’inizio dell’anno durante la tournèe nord americana.
Invitati speciali di supporto: Gus G ed i Kobra And The Lotus.
Riff metallici e crushing potenti, hanno contraddistinto ciò che Thomas Youngblood ha definito “un pacchetto mozzafiato”, tenendo incollata l’audience per tutta la durata del concerto.
Kamelot e Gus G non sono nuovi alle collaborazioni, infatti lo scorso marzo hanno dato vita ad una serata indimenticabile nella città di Londra, terminata con una jam delle due band sul palco.
​Inoltre l’Italia è stata ben felice di poter ospitare il guitar-hero di Ozzy Osbourne per la terza volta consecutiva in un anno, qui in promozione con il nuovo album “Brand new revolution”, dopo il grande successo del tour “We are the fire”. Le tre band hanno suonato un metal power di eleganza squisita, contraddistinto da originalità e particolarità d’esecuzione non comuni.

Elena Arzani

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Kamelot setlist:
1 Veil of Elysium 
2 When the Lights are Down 
3 The Great Pandemonium 
4 Center of the Universe 
5 Karma 
6 Torn 
7 Here’s to the Fall 
8 March of Mephisto 
9 Rule the World 
10 Insomnia 
11 Drum Solo
(Casey Grillo) 
12 Veritas 
13 Liar Liar (Wasteland Monarchy) 
14 Keyboard Solo 
15 Forever 
16 Encore
17 Revolution 
18 Manus Dei 
19 Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife) 
20 Continuum 

Gus G | Firewind setlist
1 Burn 
2 Brand New Revolution 
3 Eyes Wide Open 
4 Come Hell or High Water 
5 World on Fire
(Firewind song) 
6 The Quest 
7 Terrified 
8 Redemption 
9 I Am the Fire 
10 Crazy Train
(Ozzy Osbourne cover)

Kobra and the Lotus setlist
1 Soldier 
2 Warhorse 
3 Hold On 
4 I Am, I Am 
5 Lost in the Shadows 
6 50 Shades of Evil