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RILEY PEARCE: “ALL MY LOVE ” è il nuovo singolo in anteprima video

RILEY PEARCE: “ALL MY LOVE ” è il nuovo singolo in anteprima video

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Perth based Alt-Folk artist Riley Pearce new single “All My Love,” is about having someone in your life who brings out the best version of you. “The joy of being in a relationship where you can be 100% yourself and not have to think because everything feeling so natural,” says Riley. “I’ve been with my girlfriend Alex for 5 years now and she can always brighten my mood. I’m quite a workaholic person and she helps me to get out of my own head. It’s actually her voice that features in various moments of the song. I was in the studio one day with Hayden Calnin finishing this song and we had this idea to get Alex saying some lines to drop into the song so I got her speak into her phone and send them across. It added a great element to the song.”

A pochi mesi dalla pubblicazione di ‘Maybe I Can Sleep It Off’ (25 settembre 2020), Riley Pearce, cantautore australiano alt-folk che, con il solo ep di debutto ha raggiunto oltre 50 milioni di streaming e suonato in Australia, Europa e Regno Unito, annuncia ‘Love and Other Stuff’, il nuovo ep in arrivo il 19 marzo 2021. Dopo la prima anticipazione con ‘Electricity’, Riley Pearce presenta oggi ‘All My Love’, il nuovo singolo personale ed introspettivo, accompagnato dal video in anteprima per

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