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Mika & Louboutin @ Absolutely Stylish Rockers – Rock Icons in Fashion

Mika & Louboutin @ Absolutely Stylish Rockers – Rock Icons in Fashion

Today my column “Absolutely Stylish Rockers – Rock Icons in Fashion”, is dedicated to the collaboration between Mika and renowned designer of dream shoes: Christian Louboutin

“At the center of each Louboutin there is a showman,” Loubi cool “was created with a close friend of the brand, an international man of style, owner of an enviable collection of red soles.”

Have you ever noticed the bright colors and the red sole shoes worn by Mika? These are special creations for the international pop star by the famous designer Christian Louboutin.

The avant-garde sensibility of Mika for fashion it’s well known; He grew up with three sisters and a brother in a London apartment, which also housed the workshop of his mother, fashion designer for children.
Christian Louboutin has been able throughout his career, to embody within his shoes the most voluptuous and sensual dreams of women all over the world, creating real works of art, that often have become subject of exhibitions. Mika has inspired the first line of men’s footwear ever made by Louboutin. The pop star claims to choose them for practical reasons. “Five years ago, I had a lot of foot problems” – says Mika – “After an extensive European tour, I was not even able to walk.” It was my sister, Paloma Penniman, contact Louboutin.
The designers in collaboration with the pop star, has developed a shoe that would allow him to dance for a long time on the stage, combining comfort with elegance. Now, when you see Mika jumping and dancinge on his tips, you can not help it but think of the famous Christian Louboutin!

– Elena Arzani

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