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Depeche Mode: Dave Gahan @ Absolutely Stylish Rockers – Rock Icons in Fashion

Depeche Mode: Dave Gahan @ Absolutely Stylish Rockers – Rock Icons in Fashion

In 1980 founders of Depeche Mode: Martin Gore, Andrew Fletcher and Vince Clarke; were seeking a separate entry, which could have complemented the progressive electronic sound they were creating almost exclusively with synthesizers. Did not take long for the band to identify in Dave Gahan, what they were actually looking for: a striking character, by a deep baritone voice, able to adapt perfectly to the dark sounds of the band and the musical themes often obscure.

Gahan had adapted to menial jobs until the day Fletcher heard him perform a cover of “Heroes” by David Bowie. Recruited immediately in the band, his first contribution was to change the name Depeche Mode, inspired by a French fashion magazine roughly translated into “fast fashion.” in 1981 the band released their debut album Speak & Spell, a new wave mix, synth-pop heavy on the keyboards, the wave post -Punk, which many critics rejected it, convinced that Depeche Mode might not last. Contrary to the expectations of the initial criticism, the fans greeted with growing passion the band’s work, which went on to release a series of successful albums. Depeche Mode have succeeded in selling more than 100 million albums.

During the first artistic period of the band, that reached the climax with the masterpiece: “Violator”, an extraordinarily accomplished album, a real turning point, that sold millions of copies around the world, producing amazing hits such as “Personal Jesus “” Policy of truth “and” Enjoy the Silence “, rachieving a fine balance between dance-beat guitars and keyboards, the look Gahan was marked by the glossy image of a nice guy, shaved head, jeans, t-shirt and biker jackets with studs skin. However, after the release of Violator the singer began to discover the charm of heroine.

When the band stops in 1992  to work on “Songs of Faith and Devotion” in Milan, Gahan is almost unrecognizable. Long – messy hair, tattoos, blank eyes lost in the depths of his dark side, which drags him soon to awaken in hospital emergency rooms.

After going through this dark period the band and Gahan emerge from hell with a more mature style and concentrated. Abandoned the shabby clothes, the singer now wears tailored suits and a very cleaned up look. Even the newspapers seem to praise the style of the rock stars, that replies by saying to feel comfortable in “work clothes.”

After the lackluster Exciter in 2001, Depeche Mode enter the most accomplished stage of their careers. The band releases the well acclaimed by critical and audience: “Playing the Angel” in 2005, “Sounds of the Universe” in 2009 and “Delta Machine” in 2013.
Today Gahan, who is now over 50, appears calm, and resolute. Old days are visibly gone. Having become a fashion expert, he shows in public with a chic style that has created over the decades, mixing black leather jackets, tailored suits and customized belts.
In live performances, his charisma and sexy voice, still manage to startle the audience.
Now – a few days after the official announcement at the press conference held at the Milan Triennale – we are in fervent expectation of the “Global Spirit” tour organized by LiveNation Italy.
Golden boots wore by Gahan, opposing sober elegance of clothes and glasses noir, have not gone unnoticed by the press and fans. His rock soul is still there, and doesn’t seem to quieter with the passage of time, and like Andy Fletcher playfully commentes: “He always has to over do it a bit.”

Elena Arzani

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