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Bob Dylan @ Absolutely Stylish Rockers – Rock Icons in Fashion

Bob Dylan @ Absolutely Stylish Rockers – Rock Icons in Fashion

The recent winner of the 2017 Nobel Prize for Literature: Bob Dylan, “creator of new poetic expressions within the great tradition of American song,” as the Swedish Academy said, has always been known as much for its lyrics, as for his iconic style.
An elegant mash-up“, that’s how I would define the exquisite balance between bohemian pieces, mixed with classic evening outfits and the metropolitan glamour.
Denim, twill or corduroy jackets, suede boots and a hairstyle always clean, a seemingly simple look, that was able to survive unchanged across the different fashion styles, to enrich itself of sunglasses, blacks turtlenecks, jackets and biker boots, fringed, Chelsea boots, pois dot shirts, suede jackets and chambray shirts.
Born in 1941, Dylan emerged on the music scene in 1961, after moving to New York. The dark and cool look, has delivered to the public a rather elusive character, adding a note of mystery around his music allure. Despite the fame and success, his style has rarely changed over the years.
No matter what blows in the wind, if the menswork outfit  is what you feel right, then do not worry about the rest, and stay that way.

Elena Arzani 

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