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Absolutely Stylish Rockers – Rock Icons in Fashion

Absolutely Stylish Rockers – Rock Icons in Fashion

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Absolutely Stylish Rockers
Rock Icons in Fashion
(English version)
Music and fashion, a loving relationship that defied the laws of time and the critics opinion. Don’t you believe me?
It’s been several decades since the most influential woman in America: Miss Anna Wintour; performing an act of courage,  decided to publish Louise Veronica Ciccone, in art: Madonna, on the cover of Vogue America.
Nowadays many of the most controversial events in the history of our custom, have been widely accepted by society, merging so closely with the epidermal tissue, to confuse, for example, who was born first between the Sex Pistols or the punk style by Vivienne Westwood.
“It’s true the punk fashion itself was iconographic: rips and dirt, safety pins, zips, slogans, and hairstyles. These motifs were so iconic in themselves – motifs of rebellion.” – Vivienne Westwood
Within “Absolutely Stylish Rockers – Rock Icons in Fashion” we will deepen every Friday the commingling and influences between music and fashion, with anecdotes, images and movies of the golden age of Rock, but also of the recent artistic incursions.
Starting from the adamic style of Lenny Kravitz, whose tear pants on stage has crazed fans and the entire web, through the Union Jack coat of David Bowie, the wistful total black English Cure, to look sexy party post Courtney Love or Steven Tyler sexy-hippies, to reach the opposite of classy-elegant 2Cellos, the passion of Dave Navarro and Stephen Carpenter for the Louis Vuitton brand, as well as the real battle played ‘til the last “embroidery” for Lady Gaga outfits … we loved the rock face of the most famous designers in the world, sometimes unaware of the name that was hideen behind their outfits.
I’ll take you with me on a journey to discover the most famous tailors, who have made the history of fashion and music, but not only, I will also answer your questions, giving you practical tips on how to dress inspired by the look of your Rock Icons!
“Put on your red shoes, and dance the blues.” – David Bowie
Every Friday on TuttoRock stay connected if “you wanna do it Rock”!

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